Our Office

OUR PLEDGE to you is to provide the absolute best dentistry available.  What is the best dentistry available?  This varies from person to person.  We first take the time to explain to each patient what his/her possible options are to remedy their dental problem as they perceive it.  And that is the key, any two people with the exact same problem will perceive it in two totally different ways requiring two totally different dental treatments.  On top of all that, we provide the dental treatment that the patient has chosen for themselves in the most comfortable, painless manner modern anesthetics can give.  We are not one of those large clinics that herd you in and out like cattle.  We appoint one patient at a time.  We work emergencies in as quickly as possible.  And we work carefully, comfortably and deliberately, in order to provide precise, custom, long lasting and cosmetic dental work.
Some might say that is not the painful part.  The pain comes when it comes time to pay.  We take most
major insurance plans and for those who unfortunately do not have dental insurance, we have CareCredit available to make that part of the dental treatment painless too.

Our website is not designed so much as an advertisment for our office, but more as a dental educational resource for you.  Here you will find the services we can provide, and a limited list of insurance companies for whom we are providers.  You will also find important links to professional organizations that inform you of important health issues in dentistry. On the last page, you will find some information about us, our families and why we do dentistry for a living.

We hope you find it useful.


Office Hours and Address

Address:  1723 Kirby Parkway, Memphis TN  38120

Phone:     901-756-9580

Hours:     Monday thru Thursday 9:00am.-5:00pm.  [Alternate Saturdays are available by Appointment]



Patient Testimonials

Mrs. Mia M.

"I have been going to Dr. McCalla for over 20 years now. I walked into his office to sell him some television advertising, but I was the one doing the buying that day. I was sold on Dr. McCalla as my new dentist.  I discovered in my initial visits my dental work was painless and his techniques were so smooth and impressive.  All of his staff ranging from his receptionist to the dental hygienists are so personable and professional. It is definitely a family friendly environment.  I am always so excited to visit his office to see everyone and to see how they and their families are doing. For someone who used to put going to the dentist and funerals in the same category, I must say I now have a new prospective on going to the dentist.  I have also recommended family members and friends to go to Dr. McCalla for their next dental visit."   (patient since 1995)

Mr. David H.

"I love the staff.  They are great at their job and very friendly. I drive over 30 miles one way to go to see Dr Mac and Lisa because he is a great dentist and they are good Christian people!!  It is like coming to see family every time my wife and I come to their office!"  (patient since 1983)

Dr. Elena S.

"Dr. McCalla has been my whole family's dentist since 1994... I think this fact says it all in a way.  He is highly professional, very knowledgable and up to date on the newest achievements in the field, extremely skillful (for all these years, I have never perceived pain related to his work! Never had to repeat a fitting or a procedure), honest (he is not afraid to refer you to someone else) and caring for his patients.  His staff is personable, very efficient and caring, too.  This is a place that delivers real health care. My husband and I highly recommend him."  (patient since 1994)

Ms Debbie N.

"Dr McCalla has been my dentist for 20 years.  His office and staff are very professional and courteous.  One reason I've stayed with Dr McCalla is because he is truly a "painless" dentist.  I am not a good dental patient at all but Dr McCalla is very patient in doing whatever is necessary for me to reach my comfort level.  I highly recommend him!"   (patient since 1993)

Mr. Michael R.

"Dr. McCalla has been our Family Dentist for the past 15 years.  He and his staff are very professional and courteous.  Dental procedures that were painful or uncomfortable at other dentist's offices are no longer dreaded by our family."   (patient since 1987)

Mr. Mike F.

"Dr. McCalla is still my dentist after about fifteen years, even though the distance between my home & his office is now over 50 miles. Dentist visits are often dreaded but the family atmosphere, professionalism, and warm smiles will keep those dentist jitters at bay. Many thanks to Denise, Lisa, Marika, & Robert - Ya’ll are the best!"    (patient since 1997)

Mr. Derrick D.

"To all who need a Dentist, Dr. McCalla is the best in town and he has such a wonderful staff that makes you feel like family!!!"   (patient since 2009)

Ms Neely E.

"Best dentist ever!!!!!!:)))))"      (patient since 2003)

Ms Susan A.

"I have been a patient of Dr. McCalla's for about twenty years. His office is professional and friendly. Unlike other offices, your appointment time is actually the time you are seen. Because of my recommendation, many family members and friends are now patients of Dr, McCalla's."    (patient since 1992)

Mrs. Peggy M.

"Dr. McCalla has been our family dentist for several years now.  He has done extensive work on my teeth and I could not be happier with the results.  He and his staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and to answer any dental questions you may have regarding your oral care."    (patient since 2009)

Mr. Andrew M.

"Dr. McCalla is the most knowledgable dentist I have ever known. He's always been able to fix any problem and throughly answer any question I've ever had."   (patient since 1994)


"Glad I found him.  Great dentist.  Made me feel very comfortable.  I highly recommend him.  Office staff was very nice too."